Log Horizon Episode 13: Finally we will know the truth?

[Commie] Log Horizon - 13 [12618C3D].mkv_snapshot_05.25_[2013.12.29_14.18.01]

Lenessia seems like a bit of an annoying person so far. Typical princess character who wants freedom. Oh well, her joining the adventurers is pretty much a done deal by now…probably too enchanted by Crusty. The real question is whether her defection will cause the People of the Land to become enemies or allies of the adventurers. Based on the random introduction about goblins at the start of this episode and the flashes from the opening theme, it’s looking like they’re the true enemy. But in all honesty, are they even an interesting enemy for this series?

Anyway, the preview makes it look like this mage will tell us more about the world of Elder Tale, so hopefully we’ll finally find out what’s going on. Also, the newbies in the dungeon didn’t get all that much focus this week, so maybe next week will go back to their own trials?

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