Golden Time Episode 11: Kouko knows too much. We must eliminate her.

[HorribleSubs] Golden Time - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.40_[2013.12.14_13.45.37]

Okay Kouko. You’re excessively clingy behavior isn’t at all creepy. Of course, we kinda expected something like this to happen. Especially since she’s still mulling over the photo of Banri and Linda. He has a convenient excuse with amnesia, right? All he has to do is switch with Ghost Banri again and he’s in the clear. Easy, right?

Looks like things are gonna get even more complicated next week because Banri will have to do something questionable things to Linda at this sketchy job. The love polygon…progresses? I’m totally looking forward to Kouko killing Linda and Banri in some sort of jealous yandere rage. It would serve him right for all this lovey-dovey crap he’s been making me sit through.

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