Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11: The final battle approaches

[HorribleSubs] Kyoukai no Kanata - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.28_[2013.12.12_06.29.09]

I’m curious how Mirai managed to fight the Kyoukai no Kanata for three months without any apparent damage to herself. I mean, right as Akihito wakes up, her glasses get cracked and her clothes get messed up. How did she manage before? But that aside, Akihito did what we expected in going up to the alternate dimension to help Mirai fight.

So is next week the last episode? Final battle and everything’s resolved? I’m curious how they’ll end things. Will they leave Akihito as a normal human and defeat the Kyoukai no Kanata? Or will Akihito have to accept it back into his body again and regain his immortality? I’d say both are fairly equally likely. Also, what’s Miroku’s role going to be in the final battle? You can’t possibly tell me that his only role was to make the Kyoukai no Kanata stronger with stored energy.

2 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Kanata Episode 11: The final battle approaches”

    1. normal life? so you’re saying he should take Kyoukai no Kanata back so she can go back to stabbing him like she always does?


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