Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 8: Charl…come to the dark side

[HorribleSubs] Unbreakable Machine-Doll - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.31_[2013.11.26_06.22.40]

Hmm…I guess they’re doing Charl’s arc after all. This show doesn’t really waste much time, does it? A few minutes of recovery and straight into the next one. Anyway, it looks like Frey’s arc ended easily enough. Loki and Raishin just had to tag team and become best buds. That was a pretty cool battle.

Well, judging by the pacing we’ve seen so far, this should be the last arc for this series. They still seem to be following the manga/light novel, so I suppose that means there won’t be an anime original ending. I wonder if that means there will be no ending at all. If I had to guess, it’s probably a no-resolution ending coming up. But anyway, we have to deal with Charl’s apparent betrayal first.

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