Valvrave the Liberator Episode 19: L-Elf is gonna be pissed…


Too bad, L-Elf, but like I said before, having Lieselotte around would only distract you. Plus, confessing to someone is a pretty huge death flag in a show like this. Oh well, L-Elf has motivation now to come up with even crazier plans to defeat Cain. I look forward to seeing more of his craftiness. While everyone was messing around with their Valvraves this week, he was basically taking on the Dorssian defense by himself.

Anyway, now we know about the secret organization created by the Magius to take over humanity. I’ve got a really bad feeling because Lieselotte made it sound a lot like the Magius were only doing these things out of fear. Does that mean the show will try to move towards having a peaceful coexistence with them? But how will they get over the need for human runes?

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