Little Busters Refrain Episode 6: Escape? But not really

[HorribleSubs] Little Busters! Refrain - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.52_[2013.11.13_07.08.23]

What kind of competition is it when you pitch to your own ally? Shouldn’t you pitch to your opponent’s ally? And Riki’s big plan was to take Rin and run away? Did he really expect that to work? I mean…he’s the main character. He’s naturally going to be drawn back to everything. Everyone knows that.

So now Rin has to go back to the other school where she has no friends. Will Riki continue to desperately try to save her? Maybe he’ll take even more drastic measures (my suggestion is to lock her in a box…always works). If Rin’s having this much trouble with a simple exchange program, how is she going to react when she realizes all of her friends are disappearing?

4 thoughts on “Little Busters Refrain Episode 6: Escape? But not really”

  1. It was a homerun contest. Of course you would pitch to your own ally in a homerun contest, otherwise you wouldn’t get a pitch suitable for a homerun.
    As for the rest I can’t really say much other than “blame JC Staff” and how they rushed the escape into 2 minutes when it was an hour and a half in the VN.
    The whole point was to show that Riki wasn’t strong or mature enough to provide for Rin. It was realistic in showing that things could obviously never work out that way, even with Riki going to a place where he grew up to try to escape with Rin.


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