Log Horizon Episode 5: Teambuilding continues!

[Commie] Log Horizon - 05 [33B4EEDB].mkv_snapshot_17.13_[2013.11.03_13.47.01]

The party is coming along nicely. Was Nyanta’s big secret from last week’s preview just the thing about cooking? Man, what a letdown. Oh well, at least this episode gave me my first theory. Shiroe mentioned that the People of the Land have become more prominent since they were all trapped. They also have pretty complex interactions with the players. That can only mean…they’re controlled by an AI which has gone out of control. They’re trying to take over humanity! I always suspected.

Anyway, it looks like the next target for Shiroe is going to be those twins he mentioned. Looks like rescuing them will increase their party numbers by quite a lot. The title of the next episode is “Resolve”, which would indicate that Shiroe should finally figure out his purpose in this game, right? We’ll finally know?

10 thoughts on “Log Horizon Episode 5: Teambuilding continues!”

  1. “[…] which would indicate that Shiroe should finally figure out his purpose in this game, right? We’ll finally know?”

    I think “Resolve” indicates Shiroe will take an important decision: save the twins. He never liked to interfere at the live of others and for an extreme introvert like Shiroe can be hard to ask to his friends for help for get the twins free.

    With relation the purpose in that game, I think we will see it only at the last episode. Or maybe only at season 2…


    1. the preview made it sound like they were looking at overarching problems of the “society” in the game…just my assumption

      planning pretty far ahead, arent we?


      1. “planning pretty far ahead, arent we?”

        Shiroe have that habit. So, he will not make a plan for free the twins but too make the world a better place…

        Let me say it again: LogHor is not SAO, so maybe we see answers only at the last episode, not at the first episode. And Shiroe will see the answers before everyone else.


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