Golden Time Episode 2: Clubs are pretty important, huh?

[Commie] Golden Time - 02 [F2B01C6A].mkv_snapshot_02.33_[2013.10.12_10.21.33]

I’m not all that sure how to feel about this episode. In the first episode, I was spending most of my time thinking “what kind of crazy stuff will this girl do to catch the guy she likes?” I had hoped she would entertain me with devious plots. But this episode was more like “oh this poor girl is always alone because she’s too busy hunting someone to notice anyone else.” I still can’t tell if she was trolling Banri with the “I’m lonely” stuff.

I guess these first few episodes are designed to form the relationship between Kouko and Banri. Next week features the two alone together on some trip. The lack of Yana means probably fewer crazy stalker moments…sigh. And what exactly was up with the scene at the start where Banri’s running off from a hospital?

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