Space Brothers Episode 75

[Commie] Space Brothers - 75 [B1BFABCA].mkv_snapshot_09.52_[2013.10.02_06.25.00]

Oh the misunderstood heart…that’s some classic comedy. Come on, Mutta. You should realize by now just how dense Serika is. Unless he tells her straight-up, nothing’s gonna happen…even then, I don’t know if she’ll get it. Anyway, the heart seems to have worked against Butler as he’s being called for lunar training. Or it could be the vertical climb roll…it’s up for interpretation.

Now that we’re done with Mutta’s side, next week will switch back to Hibito. Let’s see how he goes about getting over his problems. Is this going to time lapse backwards a bit so that it happens in concurrence with what we’ve been watching or will Mutta’s lunar training have some role in Hibito’s recovery?

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