Danganronpa Final Episode: Bullets of Hope Fly!


So the mastermind is defeated by the blinding light (or bullets) of Super Duper High School Hope. Honestly, I think the Hope Bullets may have been a bit much, but I guess they were trying to incorporate game elements or something (I wouldn’t know). Either way, this episode goes basically the way you might expect…until…

At the very end when Monokuma reanimates. This could mean a multitude of things. For one, the original mastermind Enoshima Junko could still be alive. Alternatively, the true mastermind may have been someone else all along. Possibly the principal, but I think he may have been the guy who died in the very first episode. More than likely it has something to do with what Kirigiri said to Junko during the trial about there being an organization or syndicate behind everything.

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