Hyperdimension Neptunia Episode 11: Last boss appears

[Commie] Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation - 11 [3994D911].mkv_snapshot_17.59_[2013.09.22_15.00.33]

Oh god…that laugh. My ears are dying. Please spare me. Anyway, I’m glad the final boss isn’t someone new…of course, that left only one possibility. Honestly, though…aren’t they getting tired of using the whole “I’m gonna steal your Share Energy and use it against you” thing? Is that really all the bad guys can do? Come up with something original…

Next week is the final battle…looks like it’ll wrap up pretty quickly. They made a huge deal about the fact that they’re cut off from the rest of the world. So…that means “power of friendship brings the other CPUs to help fight” ending, right? Sigh…

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