Minor Details After Watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (just the first season)

Mr. Slime is quite shocked to have so many girls in his room
Mr. Slime is quite shocked to have so many girls in his room

I don’t know if these questions were raised in Index because I never finished it, but some things have been on my mind:

  • If Touma is only able to cancel abilities with his right hand, why is he able to stop the railgun? Theoretically, it’s an attack that utilizes EM fields to hyper-accelerate a physical object. I would think his power should only be able to stop the coin from accelerating further…he still should be ripped in half by the already-fast-moving object. The iron sand might be explained away by the fact that his ability should dissociate the sand, returning it to its origin and unhardened form (so he’s basically getting sand thrown at him).
I'm bribing you with food so you'll keep reading.
I’m bribing you with food so you’ll keep reading.
  • Why can Kuroko use her powers so easily? We’ve seen that she can teleport objects into other objects, as evidenced by the glass-into-pillar stuff she did. So it should be possible that she teleports herself into another person…which probably won’t end well. However, she readily teleports into rooms or other places when she can’t possibly see what’s inside. If it were me, I’d be terrified of the possibility that someone or something is standing somewhere I’m not expecting. The likelihood is low, but the consequences are quite dire. Based on her entrances, she seems to have some minor knowledge of her destination…which could mean her teleportation is manifested by her opening a portal to her destination which she can briefly look through…this would mean she has quite impressive reflexes, though, if she’s able to adjust so quickly on-the-fly.
  • Why does Capacity Down work? We saw during the Level Upper incident that Saten is perfectly capable of exhibiting a power, just lacks to ability to do so. Presumably a Level 0 would be similar to any other level, but with no grasp of their own power. Admittedly, this point is a little flimsy. Theoretically, she could have been copying another person’s skill (which makes no sense because every other person’s skill was amplified). Back to my point, though…how is Saten unaffected by Capacity Down? Is it just because of her low level? Does that mean that Uiharu should be least affected and Misaka most affected? It can’t be because Saten doesn’t have an AIM field…she has to if she was able to use Level Upper.

10 thoughts on “Minor Details After Watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (just the first season)”

  1. 1) Your point is valid and yes, while the manga shows him stopping the Railgun, technically he shouldn’t be allowed to. There is a huge debate about it online. ๐Ÿ˜›

    2) In fact, there is another user that in the past teleported herself into concrete and from that point on lost her ability to teleport herself due to extreme fear (it is shown in the second season of Index). It’s extremely dangerous as you said.

    3) Capacity down works on people that have an active esper skill. She lost her skill after the level upper incident and is now back to 0 therefore not affected.


    1. but what’s different between someone with an active esper skill and a level 0? Level 0 should be a human classification, so is there a basis on actual biology or something? She has the potential for a power, she has an AIM field…she just can’t manifest her power in a perceivable way.


      1. She has an AIM field, but that doesn’t mean she has a power yet. She only has “potential” for developing a power, but until that happens she’s a normal human.

        Also the level system is flawed, because otherwise we wouldn’t get Level 0 like Tsuchimikado (resurrection) or Touma. ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. 1. There are some possible explanations, but frankly this point annoys me, too. Touma’s powers have a tendency to change their effect (how much/what they can negate) based on plot convenience.

    2. As explained by feal – a valid concern.

    3. If an esper’s power is caused to overflow and hurt them, but there’s no power to overflow in the first place, why would there be any effect? It’s possible Capacity Down works on Saten and constantly does 0 damage to her, so she doesn’t even notice anything.


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