Danganronpa Episode 9: Time to fight the last boss

You lost, buddy...get over it.
You lost, buddy…get over it.

So Ogami’s death was a suicide after all. Not too surprising considering the locked room and the smile on her face…wasn’t expecting Asahina to try to kill everyone for it, though. Man, that girl’s crazy. At least everyone’s banded together to fight Monokuma, though, despite Alter Ego’s sacrifice.

So it turns out there’s another person in the school and Kirigiri has finally found him. But they’ve already found Monokuma’s agent…so is the last high schooler an ally or an enemy? My initial guess is always enemy, but we’ll just have to see. Also, there was that bit at the end of Ogami’s letter about what Monokuma has done to their bodies…is it some sort of trap that triggers when they leave the school?

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