Danganronpa Episode 6: Two more are down, but this time a final message


It seems things are getting more serious…not one, but two victims this time. Of course, as was mentioned in the episode, the only two missing during the encounter were Hagakure the fortuneteller and Kirigiri the mystery girl. Of course, I have no reason to suspect Kirigiri yet and she has an alibi, which makes Hagakure the obvious suspect. Add in the fact that Yamada says “Yasuhiro” right before dying and Hagakure is a very obvious culprit. Almost…too obvious.

Sigh…in this situation, I always suspect the first victim, which would be Celes. Why did she only get attacked once while Yamada was attacked twice? And why did she survive when both Yamada and Ishimaru were killed by the Justice Robot? But she has an alibi, right? Asahina said they were both in the bathroom when the bodies went missing. Ugh…but she’s such a good suspect…what am I supposed to do?

One thought on “Danganronpa Episode 6: Two more are down, but this time a final message”

  1. well,it’s possible for celes to play off the fight between ishimaru and yamada right?imagine if she is the one that actually steal alter ego,and she do it to make ishimaru and yamada fight each other.that would gave her the ability to control both of them to commit the murder right?


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