Danganronpa Episode 5: Another trial solved


So she was Genocider Syo after all…well, there was no way she could be the culprit because I already concluded last week that the culprit had to be male. I was suspicious that the extension cord was too easy, but I guess Togami was my best suspect given the information I had. How was I supposed to suspect Oowada? All I really had was evidence that might turn me away from the obvious suspects.

I guess the only real connection I could have made was that he was the strongest-looking male and the murder weapon was a dumbbell…but the culprit for the first murder was a fairly obvious one, so it would be hard for me to make that stretch. Anyway, another one is down…on with the next death. Honestly, I’m glad to be rid of that trap…

3 thoughts on “Danganronpa Episode 5: Another trial solved”

  1. this cases was a bit of a stretch to figure out,it’s hard to actually figure out the culprit only using the clues.


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