Hyperdimension Neptunia Episode 4: The battle begins

Someone has their priorities straight...
Someone has their priorities straight…

And so the first candidate transforms. Not sure how this is related to the second game in this series…can they transform already in that game? Now the question is whether or not Nepgear will be the only one to transform. She looks like she’s about to turn on the Anti-Crystal pyramid and I doubt these bad guys have any spares.

As for the preview…IF, I always suspected *shake my head*. Anyway…I don’t really see Nepgear facing some setback forcing all of the other sisters to transform next week. It just seems odd…it makes more sense for the other sisters to have their own episodes later on where they can unlock their own powers. But I dunno…they might try to pull something weird.


4 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptunia Episode 4: The battle begins”

  1. well,it’s not like they are going to be released anytime soon right?might as well enjoy the moment and play some games,not everyday a goddess got captured you know.

    also IF is pure win,never really care for her before this episode,that last scene really make me interested in her(and compa).


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