Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7: To war!

[HorribleSubs] Suisei no Gargantia - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_00.45_[2013.05.19_14.20.35]

So, the show has finally decided to show its true face with the arrival of the Hideauze. The likelihood that this is an origin of the species is very high so far. The other possibility, of course, is Ledo’s theory that he brought them to Earth. That one’s strange, though, because they seem to have been around for a while before Ledo arrived (which is possible if the two fell into different points in time-space, though).

Things can no longer be peaceful now…Pinion’s salvage quest seems kinda silly, but the split of the fleet was probably bound to happen. Now Ledo will return to being a soldier…so what will happen? Maybe Amy will decide to tag along.

You stand in my way again, my nemesis?
You stand in my way again, my nemesis?

7 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7: To war!”

  1. it’s all a conspiracy led by the squirrel ledo!why can’t you notice it ledo?

    it is unlikely that this is the origin of the species,first of all the chances of the hideauze comes from earth is too isn’t harsh and demanding enough to have a species that can survive the condition of space and not to mention their adaptive ability is kind of impossible to have if you are an earth species.though there are cases on some extemeophiles like the water bear/tardigrade to have a large species like hideauze become something that can survive in space is kind of hard to believe comes from earth.

    also unlikely that ledo travel in time to the past.wormholes gives you the ability to travel through the future using time dilation not to the past.also there are a lot of things that point out ledo is indeed in the current time line or the future rather than the past.


    1. I knew it all along…

      well, the conditions of our ocean depths are arguably as harsh as space…though not that much is know about them

      it doesn’t have to be complete travel to the past…could be travel to a separate timeline entirely that just happens to be at a previous point in time


      1. not really,the space is a vacuum for one and not to mention although the pressure of the depth of the ocean is large it’s far from comparable to the radiation of the space and not to mention the extreme coldness.

        well wormhole did allow the transfer of universe,different timeline actually is another completely different universe so that idea could be possible.but marth how come another timeline can be completely different?timeline which is based on many world interpretation theory(every outcome possible but you didn’t choose become another universe or timeline)so it is quite unlikely that there is a timeline have different time than the rest.


  2. Amy, Saaya and Melty need to be with Ledo so either the fleet will not break up or they will join him in the new fleet. That’s for sure…:P


    1. who are these other two names you speak of? I only see the scenario where Amy stows away on the other fleet’s ship to follow Ledo


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