Hataraku Maou-sama Episode 6: What would we do without copyrights?

[Commie] Hataraku Maou-sama! - 06 [694CA9F4].mkv_snapshot_17.26_[2013.05.14_12.51.28]

What? More new characters? How many people are they going to try to cram in that tiny apartment? Lucifer’s bad enough…they should make that guy stay with Emilia or something. They’d get along great, right? They don’t really need both Lucifer and Ashiya to do research, right?

Anyway, based on the opening theme, that new character is the cloaked girl from Ente Isla and the one that was watching them at the school. So she must have followed them back, but what’s her purpose? From the preview, she doesn’t look to have any malicious intent yet…but there was talk of killing the characters in Ente Isla, so what is she here for? Also, anyone musically inclined is crying right now:

Psst...a little to the right
Psst…a little to the right

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