Valvrave the Liberator Episode 3: One-man army


How many times do I have to say it? Two factions of Dorssia (ZAFT) and ARUS (Atlantic Federation)…then we have the neutral JIOR ( Orb). The similarities continue to astound me. Haruto is even becoming an ally of ARUS despite coming from a neutral nation…though Kira wasn’t exactly the celebrity that Haruto is. Now we just need to find out Haruto is actually Dorssian…then it’s perfect (the fact that he possessed a Dorssian is pretty close).

And now…the final piece is L-Elf. This episode was mostly his showcase…and now he’s proposing to become an ally? Is this an assessment he’s made from his new label as traitor in Dorssia or was he always planning this and Haruto’s power moved his plan up? Well, it doesn’t look so simple based on the preview…I guess he probably has to force Haruto into his plan. And what’s Shoko’s role in all of this?

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