Aku no Hana First Impressions: The day I learned what rotoscoping is

Don't ask about the shot...I just picked a scene and grabbed it.
Don’t ask about the shot…I just picked a scene and grabbed it.

So, I very purposely waited before watching this show. I knew exactly what to expect visual-wise from this show. Based on what I’ve been seeing, many see it as a unique approach to the show…some say it’s accentuating the show’s theme or something. Since I have no knowledge of the subject material, I can’t exactly confirm that. I can only talk about what I saw. This episode is just portraying a normal student life…presumably right before it gets ruined. It makes sense to start like this, but it’s still kinda boring to watch.

Comment on the visuals all you want…the music doesn’t really help. I really hated the opening song and the background music was lacking (though I recognize that this second part may have been intentional). Honestly, I foresee myself hating this show. Call it unique all you want…so far, I’ve seen nothing that compels me to continue. I’m open to a good argument, though.

4 thoughts on “Aku no Hana First Impressions: The day I learned what rotoscoping is”

  1. in immortality all hail!

    so i am guessing the show isn’t any good eh marth?well if that were the case then 1 more show to skipped then…


  2. Well, you could always read the manga to avoid these “creativity outbursts”. It’s much more mainstream in style. (Please note: I’m not using the M-word as some sort of hipster attack).

    Personally, I think this is just doomed to be niche. Some people like the challenge, even if it’s a bit on the masochistic side. Others would rather watch something pretty much vapid, or its sequel. In a way, that’s equally masochistic, I guess.


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