Shingeki no Kyojin First Impressions: Genocide!

[Commie] Shingeki no Kyojin - 01v2 [00E11B42].mkv_snapshot_21.41_[2013.04.07_09.31.36]

These people are seriously stupid if they think a wall is going to keep them safe forever. That’s all they rely on to protect themselves? I wonder if this is the point. I wonder if this show aims to make things look so hopeless at the start. The wall is their only line of defense and it has been broken. The Legion tries to discover a way to stop them, but they prove useless.

So how do they fight? I still wonder if this entire series will depict this single attack or whether the survivors here will move to another location to stage another fight or something. It could work to drag out a single attack, but I imagine it’s difficult. Probably just my own hopes…more than likely it will be stretched out. Well, this show was highly anticipated, so I’ll keep going. Music-wise, the soundtrack sounded pretty good, but I’m not a huge fan of the opening…that’s about it.

8 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin First Impressions: Genocide!”

  1. This seems absolutely awful. The animation quality is horrendous as is the character design. Seriously some of the parts I was watching made me wonder if this was a budget issue or just laziness on the part of the animators. I mean holy crap it was awful.

    That aside, the story doesn’t really leave a lot to work with. I hope it can go somewhere, but it just seems like there is nowhere for it to go other than time skip Eren becomes a Recon guy and they discover a way to fight the Titans and wage war with it. Seems very bland to me and I’m not holding out too much hope. I have this sinking feeling its gonna end up like an Alien movie and our friend the Doc is gonna concoct a version of the plague to infect and kill the Titans. Calling it now.


    1. I’ve been questioning the story since before it came out…wondering how prolonged or brief it would end up being. Honestly, I’d prefer it if humanity lost…but I’m just like that.


  2. tha art quality is while not exactly good like sjcman said it is still a big improvement over the manga….so i take that for good,hey at the very least we don’t get the manga art style.

    music wise it is quite good really,though i wonder what happen to the ending.but the op is good i mean the lyrics pretty much goes hand to hand with the show,now if it good as a music on the other hand…

    the story and setting is pretty much the reason this show is hyped is dark and pretty much realistic depiction on what would happen if human tries to fight the titan a lot of them died trying with zero success.

    well as for you question the point of this episode is pretty much to introduce us to the setting and character(their background and such).and for the human in the show it is pretty much used as too serve as a reminder that they are currently fighting a war.

    anyway about where is this going,well the place the human are living in is divided into 3 section in which each one of them have a wall.the human will retreat into the next section and tries to defend the next wall while trying trying to get the wall that is broken this episode.


    1. yeah…I got the sense that the city was larger than they made it seem…I just wonder how prolonged this will be.


  3. I wont watch this yet…for now. I’ll wait till a lot (or till its finished airing) of episodes are already released then i will start watching. Anime marathon incoming!


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