Little Busters Episode 24


The secret of the world…we’re getting closer, it seems. We know that the tasks are somehow predicting themselves…meaning that whoever is sending them either knows what is about to happen or is actually causing them to happen. The main question I have to ask: have we met the culprit yet? Because if so, my answer is clear.

Wait…right…they were supposed to be playing baseball. I hadn’t noticed that they haven’t actually played a game yet. Are they supposed to be playing against a real baseball team or just some other random group of people? Is anything significant even going to happen next week? How is this show even gonna end?

7 thoughts on “Little Busters Episode 24”

  1. The anime will finish on the first baseball game, which is appropriate considering that’s what started the show in the first place. Which will leave the inevitable season 2 focusing completely on the mystery. Not an episode should be wasted there.


  2. There is no way there are going to finish this without knowing the secret… They eventually need to pull a Deus ex machina in teh finale, which will put some people in raeg before realizing that there is another season.


  3. I hope the secret of the world actually involves baseball in some way. Maybe it will explain why they haven’t been playing it yet, and the game will change the very nature of the world.


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