Little Busters Episode 23


And so Kud’s story is over. Feels like they were kinda pushing it with Riki transporting the gear to her. I wonder if there’s anything more to that…it seemed to cause him a lot of pain to do. It’s very suspicious indeed. I would have ignored it if it hadn’t caused any backlash on him…written it off a brief moment of magic to further the story. But this is just far too suspicious.

Looks like next week is another task about the secret of the world…only a few more episodes left. Time for maybe one more arc after this slight detour of an episode. I’m curious how this will all end. Based on what I hear, there is still a decent amount of content remaining.

6 thoughts on “Little Busters Episode 23”

  1. I’ve grown to accept that most Key stories have some bits of random magic here and there. Most of Mio’s story revolved around it. I do agree that something suspicious is at work here that the story isn’t telling us yet, but the question is whether they’ll reveal it before the season ends.


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