Psycho Pass Episode 20

[Commie] Psycho-Pass - 20 [F7CAD90B].mkv_snapshot_10.34_[2013.03.10_11.13.51]

Seriously? Hyper-oats? I need to get over this. Anyway, it looks like learning the nature of Sibyl plus Kougami’s departure has forced Akane to unlock her true ability as a detective. I guess the flashback in the middle was to show us that she always had the capability, but was maybe sheltered with the help of Kougami. Once he left, she was forced to grow on her own.

I think I said before…I foresaw Akane eventually turning into an Inspector like Kougami, but without falling from grace. It’s starting to look a lot like that’s the case. The final battle is upon us. Makishima will be defeated, but I’m much more interested in the nature of the Sibyl System at the end. Will they be forced to leave it alone because of what it does for society? Surely they can’t topple it in two episodes. Or will they all be silenced by the system in some sort of surprise grim ending?

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