Psycho Pass Episode 19

[Commie] Psycho-Pass - 19 [55C3D16B].mkv_snapshot_10.24_[2013.03.03_11.24.31]

Akane…the one whose Psycho Pass is stable almost like Makishima’s. Of course she would be the next one they try to recruit. When she learns the truth, what will she do? Will she accept their proposal in a way that lets her work as an insider? Or will she cut herself off to join Kougami? Personally, I think she should stay and work with Ginoza from within the system.

Can’t believe they found out Makishima’s plan so easily. Do he and Kougami really think so similarly? Or has Kougami just become so obsessed with catching him that he allowed himself to start thinking like him? An interesting question, I think. But yeah…now we must save the hyper oats! They hold the key to society!

9 thoughts on “Psycho Pass Episode 19”

  1. The levels of symbolism and parallels/foils drawn in this show are unreal.






    Society vs Human Nature – We want freedom, but we also want to be told what to do to relieve ourselves of the consequences and responsibilities.

    Seriously this show is on another level if you watch it in depth and just take note of all the details and messages the writers are conveying. You find something new every time.


      1. He could be the equivalent of Scout from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. He has to watch all of this go on and try to find his place and make sense of it.


          1. wait seriously? That would be amazing because this could certainly go for a second season, but they could also finish it now.


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