Shin Sekai Yori Episode 22


The power of the Psychobuster must be harnessed to defeat the fiend! The minoshiro mentioned contagiousness when it was describing it…if they’re not careful, they might just inadvertently wipe out all of humanity in the process. That’s assuming they weren’t already planning to do that from the start.

Not sure what’s going to happen…everything in this show’s just too crazy. How do they expect me to figure out what’s happening next? Is it really as simple as giving the biological weapon to the fiend and killing him? Will they even be able to do it knowing his relation to their friends?

5 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori Episode 22”

  1. *is confused* in the ending Saki writes the story by stating “in order to let people know and avoid the same tragedy from happening”. That implies that the fiend threat still isn’t OVER with, but temporarily fixed. I believe that means humanity will “survive”…


      1. The fiend threat is always present. Any human can become a fiend. All it requires is no death feedback created by hypnosis and the ability to use cantus.


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