Robotics;Notes Episode 19

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So he was the culprit all along…that explains why he didn’t just upload the Kimijima Reports to Iru-O in the first place…he was waiting for someone to collect them all so he could enact his plan. But why? Why go through all of this? What could he possibly hope to gain? Sure he’s transferred himself onto the network, but it’s not like he needs a physical body to maintain servers, right?

More important is why Misaki chooses to help him…did he brainwash her or is there some greater purpose we’re all missing? And how exactly are the kids going to fight back? Sure they have Nae to help out, but she can only do so much. Don’t tell me GunPro 1 is going to suddenly start working or something…

6 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 19”

  1. I think Kimijima needed to wait for the proper time to enact his plan. So in case for some reason he was killed, he had a back up plan. He tested on Airi Yukifune uploading conciousness to the Iruo and when it was more or less sucessful, he did it for himself. He got killed (My bets are on Misaki being the culprit) and he had to use Airi/Sister Centipede to find someone who could get the reports and enact his plan. However, he needed to get rid of the Airi personality and keep the Centipede personality, which is loyal to him, so it could help with Project Atom. So he put all these weird conditions to finding his reports in order to hide his true objective of getting rid of the Airi personality which was the satelite tower incident. Becuase, if he just made a weird condition for the second report, Kai might get suspicious. I think Misaki is brainwashed by Kou by the way.


  2. What probably happened though is this.

    Kimijima enlists Misaki and dead girl into his plan, but the Investigator discovers Kimijima plotting and pursues it which eventually leads to Kimijima’s death.

    Misaki in all likelihood loved Kimijima Kou (ie the man with the right stuff line which clearly suggests she was in love with such a man who is most likely Kimijima Kou).

    The dead girl (Miss I love to walk off cliffs), was not completely enamored with Kimijima Kou and his ideals so she realized the evils of his plan and was able to let go of it. However, she realized Kimijima had some kind of back up plan due to discovering Iru-O Airi. However, given that she likely knew the events concerning Airi being frozen by Kimijima Kou, she ignored her suspicions until Kai started poking around.

    In order to escape pursuit, and preserve, and carry out his plan, Kimijima sacrifices himself through his death preserving his mind on Iru-O and preserving his plan through Misaki. It wouldnt surprise me if Kimijima told Misaki to intentionally betray him in order to cause his death and throw off suspicion from the plan while allowing Misaki access to information and technology necessary to enact the plan. She could also monitor the time line for the Kimijima reports.

    The reason he did not appear prior is because he had no host body to use until Airi was unfrozen. The reason he can control Airi now is because Iru-O Airi/Sister Centipede and Airi all share a brain wavelength I guess since he based the programs off of Airi’s biological factors.

    As for the purpose of the Kimijima reports and their conditions, we can assume this. The Kimijima reports are likely encrypted files or parts of a program that makes up the essence that is Kimijima Kou. In order to protect himself from, Iru-O resets, he had to make sure his consciousness was off the server. Otherwise he would disappear like Iru-O Airi. To prevent discovery, he separated himself into 6 different programs probably encrypted into each file to avoid detection. The 7th partition obviously spread the reports onto the Iru-O server and therefore the program ie Kimijima’s consciousness, is spread onto Iru-O completed. The conditions for each report were likely to make discovery harder. Most of the conditions revolved around things that Misaki and Miss Walks off Cliffs were good at (Surfing, Robots, Video Games etc….). It is something that they would be able to do easily, but would cause others difficulty.


    1. That makes sense…personally, I think that the Kimijima reports should be just as vulnerable as virtual Airi, though (yes, I’m aware she will likely return later in the show).

      Still wonder what the point of all this is, though. I really hope it’s not something as simple as wanting the singularity to occur.


      1. Well the reports are technically more vulnerable which is why Kou did everything he could to fortify their protection.


  3. So tldr version

    Misaki loves Kimijima Kou

    Kimijima Kou probably Orchestrated his own death.

    Misaki probably wants to die because life with Kou sucks and thats why she will carry out his will.

    The Kimijima reports weren’t uploaded in order to protect Kimijima from occasional system resets, and discovery.


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