Robotics;Notes Episode 17

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 17 [46CAC7B2].mkv_snapshot_14.30_[2013.02.15_06.43.23]

As expected, Subaru is hospitalized, allowing his father to throw a fit and almost screw up the Robotics Club. Now we just sit and wait for everyone else to come back. Likely Kona will be first because she was still working on it…then maybe Jun. Then, together they can all find a way to get Subaru’s father to change his mind.

I don’t understand the last scene in the show. Kai reacted so strongly to the Kimijima Reports being uploaded for everyone to see. I don’t see what the problem is…doesn’t he want people to know? Or does he suspect that the information will have some negative effect? I sure hope it’s not something like “he’s afraid they’ll trace it back to him.”

4 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 17”

  1. Misa told him to protect the Kimijima reports

    Dead girl told him not to meddle with the Kimijima reports.

    Kai’s goal was to gather all the information from the reports and then take time to consider what to do with it. After all, he doesnt know anything about Kimijima Kou, his intentions, etc…

    The fact that the 7th was an executable program robs him of that and he is worried that something bad will happen like a mass panic for example or maybe that the enemy will be tipped off or perhaps that Kimijima Kou would cause the end of days.


  2. well i am kind of glad that the 7 report does’s better to let the public know rather than ignoring it and let the committee complete their plan really.


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