Robotics;Notes Episode 16

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 16 [C5812C4A].mkv_snapshot_17.34_[2013.02.08_07.30.23]

No more fun and games, it seems. Clearly nothing can happen to Subaru, but Mizuka dying (technically not proven dead yet) could be the push we need to finally figure out what’s going on in this story. Is this Misaki’s doing or did her boss take matters into his own hands after she failed to do anything? I’m sure Kai will suspect that it was Misaki, though clearly Mizuka didn’t.

As for Subaru, I assume this is the push for his story as well? His father will have more justification of the danger of robots…even if he isn’t severely injured (I’m guessing he’s saved, but who was nearby?). I can’t believe they finished the robot already…and they randomly just had a bunch of monopoles lying around. Guess people were too busy dealing with their issues to mention the robot progress. Anyway, next week last Kimijima Report and Subaru’s fate, I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 16”

  1. Shit just got real. Very reminiscent of Steins Gate’s turning point. How do we know it wasn’t kimijima kou? That can’t be a coincident that the phone rings and song plays before the legs go hay-wire. Altho her last words seem to suggest, that Misaki knows who killed her or had something to do with it.

    This and Psycho-pass have been phenomenally good lately


  2. subaru is protected by the almighty power of well plot armor i assume so ignore him.but mizuka dying doesn’t seem to be anyone fault not the committee of 300 or misaki, if you look at it the robot also have some technical difficulty so it probably the committee of 300 monopole project that cause the exosuit to malfunction so technically it is an accident.

    and another thing is that i can’t believe they finished the robot already…i mean they created a monopole motor already?they just experimented with something that it’s property and how it works haven’t been figured out and yet these people already can built a motor out of it,how much budget does these guys have anyway to find out the property of monopole like that need a lot of budget…


      1. well when fate and logic itself dictate you will never die i don’t see the point of healing yourself.

        monopole=not a big deal while a giant robot is the discovery of the century logic just got screwed over…


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