Shin Sekai Yori Episode 18


The war has begun! The surprise attack from the bakenezumi…I wonder if we can call it successful. They killed two members of the core committee of the village, it seems…but took a lot of deaths as a result. More important is to question how Yakomaru was able to get someone with Cantus. Tomiko’s confirmation of Mamoru and Maria’s death added to the very final scene of the episode suggests that it’s their child. But…how?

How much time passed between Maria and Mamoru’s disappearance and the discovery of their bones? That’s assuming they’re dead…which is the only way I see Yakomaru convincing the child to fight for him. If they’re alive, then why are they allowing this to happen? Anyway, sounds like some sort of monster is showing up next week…a fiend, perhaps?

5 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori Episode 18”

      1. They said in an episode prior, but the numbers the lost were essentially nothing considering their armies rank in the 1000’s


  1. So the queerats are attacking. My guess is Maria was killed and Mamoru became a fiend and is being maniplated by Yakomaru (only one he thinks he can trust). Their child would be too young to have a Cantus strong enough to beat an army of queerats, and thats assuming the child is even old enough to develop his Cantus (remember it took Saki a significant time period to gain hers)


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