Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 4



Alright…so random trolling by the Yagami sisters and then the third arm is removed. Wasn’t expecting it to be the source of Amaterasu’s powers, but uh…okay. So that happened. Just some loose ends to tie up after the events of the first three episodes? And there I was wondering if the shrine and Sasami’s father would be recurring opponents. Doesn’t make sense if Sasami’s power is no longer hosted in the third arm, right?

Bah…did I get any clues about how this show is going to continue? I guess it looks like it will just be random stuff with Sasami and the Yagami sisters. That’s all I got. I dunno…what else could it be? I can’t place a rhyme or reason to any of this.

12 thoughts on “Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 4”

  1. i feel bad for the third arm,let us have a moment of silence for the third arm…

    as for the real important matter:the third arm wasn’t the source of amaterasu power sasami is,the third arm is like a second personality of sasami(still sasami just different people) that is why they both have amaterasu power.

    as for the shrine they are not going to give up just because they got crushed once really,i am sure they would keep coming back to take the power of amaterasu from sasami.


          1. well that was one hell of a mistake…well at the very least they are close resembling each other i mean cat and rabbit there isn’t much of a difference.


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