Shin Sekai Yori Episode 17


Oh man, I was sitting there thinking “how can the bakenezumi fight the humans when they’re so busy fighting each other?”, but now we hear that the entire Giant Hornet army was annihilated from Satoru. All we have left is the more “humanized” colony…meaning that it’s highly likely they’re try to “replace” the humans…possibly thinking that they have gone soft or become corrupted.

This combination of ending and preview is very suspicious. There’s the link with Maria and Mamoru again, but the ending heavily features Maria, suggesting that she’s still alive. Was she involved in the destruction of the Giant Hornets? If so, was she trying to help destroy them or was she trying to save them? It’s not like we have any idea what she’s been doing for all of this time.

4 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori Episode 17”

  1. This show really blows!

    Seriously we time skipped learning nothing than they threw in a random plot twist about a falling out between Satoru and Saki but apparently it wasnt bad enough to stop them from making up in less than an hour after keeping them apart for years.

    Old bitch is still alive and hasnt passed the torch yet.

    Im guessing the moral of this story is dont help queerats because they will kill you.

    Oh and now Mamomru and red haired girl are back next week

    Where the fuck is this show going? Ahhhhhhhhhhh


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