Robotics;Notes Episode 13

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 13 [AAAAE60C].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2013.01.18_06.55.35]

For those of you missing Kona last week, it looks like her story is the next to be explored. It looks like it will be a lot more exciting than Daitoku’s so far. What happened to her at the very end? I can’t tell whether something was wrong with her or whether someone actually did that to her. The box cutter made it seem uncharacteristic of her to me…

I’m waiting for everything to get linked…I assume the cheat-detection phase was the way for someone to get into Kona’s account to lead this. As a recluse, she’s an easy target…no one watches her actions. Also, it turns out they actually did grab the monopole, but just didn’t show it…they aren’t complete idiots. Anyway, let’s see what happens with Kona next week…

4 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 13”

  1. Duhahaha – Frau-Bow kun is back. Yay! Eroge!

    Seriously she is the best character on this show. I think the assumption is that she slit her wrists because she was scared someone was coming after her. They managed to hack her account and make her a public target of travesties being committed so I’m sure the oh so lovable Frau-Bow kun’s mental state, which is weaker than that of a normal genius programmer, broke under the duress.

    The other option is someone could have attacked her, slit her wrists, and then made it look like a suicide, but considering that Kai had to break the window with a large rock to get in, I don’t find that one very believable, and yet plotholes and all they will go that route in all likelihood. You could argue they could get in if they knew the building code, but every time Kai went there, he had to be let in as Frau wouldnt even give him the code. I guess it wouldnt be hard to fathom being able to get the code, given they hacked her twipo, but Kai didn’t notice anything odd about the living room which suggests little sign of a struggle.


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