Sword Art Online Final Episode

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - 25 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.00_[2012.12.22_18.37.34]

So the show ended after all…a quick bit with Sugou for a final encounter (I got blindsided by Kayaba, so I didn’t realize Sugou actually had a presence in the real world), then a whole lot of epilogue. Finally we get to see all the characters from the first half returning…where have they been all this time (minus Agil)? I guess Silica and Liz have been in the school with Kirito…yeah, I get that Kirito wouldn’t want to drag them back into the game in the second half…

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online - 25 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.57_[2012.12.22_18.42.45]

So does that mean the show is finished? I know the novel goes on, but will there be any plan to continue? If it were to continue, what would be the fighting ground? There are so many virtual worlds now, so maybe it would require spending time in every one of them. Like a global crisis sort of thing.

Also, Kirito’s comment about the dual avatars is interesting…like his old avatar will return when this happens. Maybe his new avatar gets corrupted in the first encounter and he has to revive his old one to fight…just wild speculation of course. Anyway, another show done…

10 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Final Episode”

  1. I’m more worried about btoom! Seems like it has some potential but its not selling well. Really hoping it gets a second season unlike Deadman Wonderland (which really needs a reboot the manga is sooooooooo good).


  2. Honestly I was happy not knowing what happened to Silica and Liz because it left room for us to decide what happen to them. For all we knew they had actually died but then they showed up and it was a perfect happy ending of friendship and cuddling.

    Agil was there wasn’t he? He’s the barkeeper or am I confusing him with someone else? He’d be too old to go to school so he’s one of the lucky ones.

    A second season would be nice since I’ve heard there is plenty more story arcs to cover but I don’t know if it would have the same charm the first 12 episodes did.


    1. Seemed a little too dark…they had episodes devoted to them, so very doubtful.

      yeah, he was the only one we saw

      I guess we’ll see


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