Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 11

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Wait…mage of Exodus? It’s not Junichiro? Are they seriously going to introduce a new character at this point in the show? That’s impossible…so it must be someone we’ve seen already. That leaves only Evangeline (unlikely), Junichiro (my initial guess) and Aika herself (something to the effect of “she killed herself”). Aika is very unlikely for an obvious reason…her death worked to the advantage of the Tree of Genesis, so why would she allow herself to die if she’s an agent of the Tree of Exodus.

But neither of the other choices make sense either…Hakaze says another “miko”, right? That implies a female…but…who? Born as the Tree of Exodus’s revival grew near…a child? But there’s a time paradox, so that doesn’t mean a thing. But that aside, this episode shows why I hate so much this interpretation of time. Everyone is sitting around going “how do we avoid the time paradox of bringing Hakaze back?” This is fine and well, but what happens if they just choose to ignore that inhibition? A bit flimsy, no? Anyway, next week Hakaze returns…


15 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 11”

  1. On the mage of exodus, this makes no sense at all.

    Mage of exodus kills Aika which follows the logic of the tree of genesis, which benefits Hakaze and does what exactly for the Tree of Exodus.

    I suppose it could be explained as a necessary requirement to become the mage but more on that in a minute.

    So now we know that Kusaribe X = Aika’s murderer = Mage of Exodus (since only the mage would be protected by the power of the Tree of Exodus).

    We can also assume this plot in its entirety was probably orchestrated by the Tree of Exodus in order to revive it since it would have been much easier for the Tree of Genesis to just have the princess stumble across the piece of technology to use as an offering by accident via her protection granted by the Tree of Genesis.

    If I had to guess, its one of two people.

    1. Aika – You can say that death was necessary for her to be reborn as the mage of exodus which would satisfactorily explain why her death helps both the Tree of Exodus and Tree of Genesis, but it leaves two holes. The first is that Aika’s link to the kusaribe would have to be explained. The second is that the Tree of Exodus’s revival plans were underway at this point, though I suppose you could explain this by saying the Tree of Exodus needs a mage so it made one. Overall, I like this possibility the most. It creates a lot of great drama especially in regard to Mahiro. Suicide is murder of self so thats fine.

    2. Tetsumo – He works close to the Tree overseeing its revival. He is Samon’s second in command giving him enough power to not be caught or questioned, but anonymity as well. He works in the background a lot in terms of the show. Also unlike other character we have not seen the extent of his powers or abilities yet. Finally, he tries to hasten the tree’s revival. Overall, this possibility is unlikely due to the following

    A. The writers of this went to absurdly long lengths to complicate things and love plot twists so yea

    B. Testsumo is almost too much of a lacky and would only qualify as a main villian who is bat shit crazy. I cant imagine him having the kind of cunning necessary to pull this off.


    1. To be fair, we still don’t fully know that Mage of Exodus is a Kusaribe…they seem to think not. But that’s beside the point.

      Aika just doesn’t make any sense…I don’t really know about Tetsumo either…I just…don’t know. This last part just seems unnecessary…I agree.


      1. While we dont know, its implied to be highly likely for the following

        1. Aika’s murderer could not be found my magic

        2. What we do know is that it was a kusaribe. That much is confirmed by magic

        2. Only two possibilities for this. The mage of exodus and forgiveness from Genesis. Forgiveness from Genesis was ruled out.

        Aika does make a lot of sense and is actually great for the plot which makes sense.

        The Tree of Exodus’s logic is destruction. So it makes sense that its mage has to follow said logic not unlike how the kusaribe cannot go against the logic of the tree.

        So let’s look at what has happened assuming that both logics of both trees worked in tandem.

        The Tree of Exodus sees a small window to attack the tree of genesis and spurs this revival idea.

        Needing to create a mage of exodus to complete the revival, the tree of exodus kills Aika and she is reborn as the Mage of Exodus (satisfies the destruction logic, and satisfies the mage requirement, just needs the kusaribe link explained which can be explained by her being adopted)

        The Tree of Genesis sees this plot forming however and takes advantage of this action through Mahiro which leads to Yoshino which leads to them meeting Hakaze and all the transpiring events.

        The Tree of Exodus by reviving Aika can account for this and use her a psychological ploy to turn Mahiro. Last Resort Defense.

        So basically this is a psychological battle between the two Trees and for reasons explained Aika makes sense.


        1. How do we know it’s a Kusaribe? All they said is that the killer was unaffected by the web of magic. We can’t assume that only Kusaribe’s can be magic users, right? Especially when we’re talking the Tree of Exodus.

          Revived Aika? Man, that would just be depressing…


          1. Wrong, there were two sources of magic. Remember when they first used Hakaze’s magic to trace the killer? That confirmed it was a Kusaribe.


          2. but wasn’t it Hakaze that said that she used the web of magic to try to track the killer? She said that only a Kusaribe wouldn’t have been caught in it. Samon’s men just checked the clan records or something, right?


  2. I thought suicide was possible, but I didn’t think of Aika as a candidate for the mage of Zetsuen. While Aika is an evil temptress, it doesn’t mean she has to be a slave to the tree of Zetsuen, just as Hakaze isn’t a slave to the tree of Genesis. So killing herself because she’s the mage of Zetsuen will save the world (If Zetsuen is evil) and not act directly to help Hakaze. She’ll just be a noble sacrifice if it really turns out like this. The revival, assuming it’s successful, is actually happening faster thanks to her death. I think the military only found the location thanks to Hakaze which in turn pressures them to speed up the revival ritual.

    You shouldn’t get so annoyed at this interpretation of time travel. A single universe restricts actions and fulfils all logic. By having a multiverse, it would be the easy way to retrieve her. So much easier when they foresake one world in favour of another. Both trees of Genesis would clash with their logic making multiverse illogical in this situation.


      1. Your assuming that they follow the same logic, when its more than possible the Tree of Exodus has destroyed her mind (by driving her nuts) when reborning her as the mage


        1. I guess my problem is where has her influence been since “her death”? It doesn’t make much sense. She’s just been hanging around after that?


          1. If everything goes according to the Tree of Exoduses plan than all she needs to do is survive until needed. Perhaps she has something to do with the fruits. Who knows. Again we dont know anything about her, the tree of exodus, or the mage of exoduses role.


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