Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 10

Why exactly is this battle happening?
Props go to Yoshino for a very cool plan…bluffing his theory to get Samon to panic enough to the point where he revealed there actually was a way to bring Hakaze back. The mechanism’s a bit boring, though…I don’t really like that the Kusaribe magic can have that much influence over time.

I also dislike their interpretation of time…it’s the most common one, to be fair, though. This idea that time is consistent. The world will always right itself to keep time consistent. Possible with magic, but still leaves room for insane paradoxes to happen. Nothing would have happened to the barrel in my theory of time. But what is up with this preview? Is it shock tied to the true killer of Aika or is it related to the method to bring Hakaze back? Or both?

16 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 10”

  1. I wonder why Yoshino didnt just come up with a much simpler explanation of the barrel.

    If it were me, when Samon claimed that the appearance of writing on the barrel proved that Hakaze was two years in the past, why not point out the fact that it could be a magic barrel.

    Ie the barrel works in the same fashion the dolls do. Anything done to barrel A will automatically happen to barrel b.

    This makes more sense then the time travel theory since it would avoid the paradox implication.

    The simple test of this would be to have Hakaze disappear the barrel. She could toss it into the ocean or sacrifice it to the tree of genesis (since a barrel is techonology). If Hakaze does this, a paradox occurs and time travel is proven, but if she does this and nothing happens to the barrel, then magic barrel theory proven.


  2. the key here is to just give Yoshino a plausible reason to pull the trigger (not unlike in a trial where a plausible explanation for events is all thats needed for innocence in the US).

    Here are the scenarios if Yoshino tests it this way.

    1. Samon is right. Hakaze is back in time and disappearing the barrel would create a time paradox. This would ruin Samon’s plan and Samon won’t allow this forcing pressure back on him. Either way Mashino is more inclined to pull the trigger.

    2. Magic Barrel Theory is right. As a result, Yoshino wins and Samon is forced to bring Hakaze back before Mashino pulls the trigger.


    1. Note if a time paradox is created Yoshino wins

      If the barrel is gone, Samon would not bring the barrel back from the island would have no proof of Hakaze being 2 years in the past to counter Yoshino’s sleep explanation. As a result, of having no way to prove the time travel theory, Yoshino is more inclined to pull the trigger. Assuming this, Samon is forced to bring Hakaze back.


      1. How so? Its no different that threatening to shoot the Tree of Exodus to force Hakaze to return.

        Either way it can only benefit the trio of Yoshino, Hakaze, and Mahiro


      2. If the barrel is destroyed, then Samon has no barrel and no proof. Then why would he still continue to use the same scheme that Hakaze was trapped two years in the past with no escape? If he was able to realize that he had to have the barrel in order to make his plan work, he would be equally capable of realizing that without it, he couldn’t use the same plan. He’d have a different one. The world and events would have to entirely change to fit this new chain of events. The carving of the barrel is unique in that it’s isolated and fairly inconsequential. Do something drastic and the butterfly effect activates and snowballs.


        1. Again youre thinking too much into it.

          It doesnt matter whether or not Yoshino creates the time paradox or not. All that matters is the threat of it.

          Samon has to consider the implication of an action like that. Thus he would realize that should a paradox occur his useless strategy goes out the window.

          While you are right, Samon may come up with a new excuse? Unlikely, just because of the fact that Samon used the time travel theory prior to proving it with the barrel. Without the barrel, he is not prevented from using the theory as he will still have the skeleton, but he will not be able to prove it.

          However, even if this is so. The current Samon in order to risk a paradox would have to be sure he could come up with a new excuse, and given his struggles just to prove his theory with the barrel, I doubt the current Samon will be able to concieve a new method in the short amount of time Yoshino will give him to respond. Being unable to conceive a new theory, Samon will not risk the paradox for two reasons.

          1. It is likely he will lose the gamble as previously explained.

          2. The creation of the paradox will ultimately make his position worse than it currently is. Remember, all Samon has to do is buy time. In essence by creating the paradox, all the time Samon has bought is lost and he goes back to start with less to work with


  3. to summarize

    Connected Magical Barrels theory explains the writing.

    Destroying the Barrel will confirm or deny the theory

    Mahiro won’t give a damn either way. Either the connect barrel is destroyed creating a time paradox and this happens all over again (differently, but still) or nothing happens and Hakaze comes back

    The threat of the paradox creates a lose lose for Samon and a win situation for Yoshino.

    1. Samon either goes back to start with less to work with than before. The current Samon had difficulty conceiving of a way to explain the time travel theory when he had the barrel to work with. After being put on the spot, Samon most likely will not be able to come up with a concievable explanation to either prove the time travel theory or explain Hakaze’s 2 year gap. As a result, Samon will not have confidence that the Samon created by the paradox will be able to find one either resulting in his loss. Since Samon’s goal is only to buy time until the tree is revived, the pardox would rob him of all the time he has bought, thus resulting in a win for Yoshino and a loss for him as Yoshino will have reset the clock and in addition to that taken away Samon’s key strategy.

    When Samon refuses the try the option that would result in a paradox, Yoshino will put him on the spot again. When Samon cant disprove the magical barrel theory and will not try the option that would lead to a paradox, that is all the proof Mahiro needs to know 100% that Hakaze can in fact return which Yoshino will point out by claiming the magical barrel theory as correct since Samon cannot disprove it. Mahiro threatens to shoot and thats that.

    2. Yoshino disproves time travel theory and Samon loses.


    1. But why is the paradox a threat? How does the world change itself to right the paradox? If the paradox is possible, then it’s not a paradox. If you can create the paradox, then theoretically the world should change to fit that paradox. If that was the case, then all events linked to it must also change. Meaning Samon doesn’t have a few minutes to come up with an explanation, but two years.


  4. Crap after watching the preview for the next episode I have a prediction on what will likely happen.

    Samon will find out magic was unable to trace Aika’s killer

    Hakaze realizes that one may have been able to escape the trace magic by escaping into another time (Girl of Time)

    Girl of time’s ability is what trapped Hakaze two years in the past and what will ultimately bring her back. Yoshino and Hakaze will use her existence as proof to Mahiro and thats that


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