Sword Art Online Episode 23

Man, I was thinking Leafa and Kirito would make it to the end while everyone else held off the guardians. But my prediction was off by one! Darn. But things basically are going as planned…this week was getting Sugu back and getting to the top of the tree. I was expecting the admin card to be used for freeing the other trapped people, but I guess not quite yet. And Recon gets to confess before the show was over…Sugu’s got someone to fall back on, it seems.

Finally time for the boss battle? Wow…Kirito actually followed the rules this time. How about that? Will they be able to free Asuna first? To let her get some vengeance in this battle…she wasn’t so helpful in Season 1’s boss battle. She needs to get back into play, you know? Man…why doesn’t Kirito just buy another sword for his inventory? Use your dual sword skill.

8 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 23”

  1. Im thinking there wont be a boss fight, just a jailbreak. Remember for Kirito to win the fight, all he has to do is get Asuna logged out.

    My thinking is that he fights the boss to distract him and buy time for Asuna to get to that console and escape. I think he will give her the sword Leefa gave him, since it seems similar to her rapier from SAO and she probably still has her SAO skills, so that she can defend herself from the other admins.

    The only downside to this I can see is that Kirito may get trapped and mind wiped in the process, but I doubt it. It will probably be more along the lines of Asuna logging out and Kirito going ha ha I got you and then escaping himself.


    1. I just think Asuna should get a chance to do something this season, you know?

      I’d be really annoyed if Kirito got trapped…absurdly annoyed. Seriously.


          1. I really think its gonna end up that way just because of the fact dumbfuck Kirito is still using nervgear which they said in the beginning of this season was upgraded to whatever the new thing is called because it was easy to hack Nervgear. Not to mention all of these guys being mind controlled and experimented on now, are all using…. you guessed it Nervgear.

            I seriously hoping that this doesnt come back to bite us in the ass.


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