Robotics;Notes Episode 9

So the giant robot failed…quite predictably. I didn’t even realize it was so close to being done. But yeah…it’s not like it could work in such a short amount of time. I still don’t understand the point of the giant robot…what it has to do with the story or anything. Are they even going to keep working on it or try to create a completely different model? I don’t even know what to make of Misa’s behavior…does she mean that they changed her design in a good way or a bad way? Did she call it a piece of junk to protect herself or does she really not care anymore?

I don’t quite understand the cheater-checking with Kona either…what’s the point of all of that? Is it just to build a relationship with her or is it linked somehow? I guess I’m just waiting for the point where all of these things comes together and make sense. It’s gotta happen some time, right? It’s dragging on for a while…

12 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 9”

  1. Point of cheater chase – its just a pretext for developing Frau-kun. Its her thing.

    Point of giant robo – Im sure they this thing will be launched at the Sun at some point.

    Point of Misa – Misa is clearly hiding her feelings over something. Either she is being forced or she can’t come to terms with something. Not enough information to determine what yet, but something caused Misa to lose her passion. At some point she got a wake up call of some sort and it destroyed her dreams and passion (a theme of this show so far)


  2. you see marth the giant robot is a must or else the title won’t have much meaning you see…

    well mass guessing aside frau cheater checking is too introduce her character and make her join the robotic club after all a programmer of her caliber is a must have at developing a giant robot anytime a character is being focused on and you ask what is the point of such thing just think about it as a progress at developing the story and giant robot…

    and as for misa the design and final end was terrible it doesn’t work properly and the design wasn’t as she had hoped for so i am guessing she doesn’t like it but still care as she shown sign of caring for it even though it wasn’t as good as she hoped for or maybe she is trying to make sure the people that she is working with doesn’t know about it…

    as for the giant robot it will be useful in the future or maybe it is the story the story is about a few kid trying to build a giant robot not a group of kid trying to stop a secret organization from taking over the world the secret organization will took notice of it due to the technological advances it make and wish to take it over simple as that same like in steins;gate i presume…


  3. The plots pretty fractured at the moment and nothing really seems clear yet so you aren’t the only one who is still puzzled as to the meaning of some events.

    I assume everything will come together eventually but I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.


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