Sword Art Online Episode 22

Finally…Suguha finally finds out. It was just so darn frustrating to watch all of the show’s measures in avoiding using Asuna’s name (with Yui’s Mama and Kirito never calling her by name). I suppose her reaction is to be expected…her life is quite a lot of suffering right about now.

Kirito also finally dies for the first time…that time with Heathcliff didn’t really count because he broke the game…this time, there were no excuses. You know…for a moment, I actually thought he might have a chance of succeeding. For all I know, the remaining episodes were: final battle on 23 with epilogue on 24 and 25. Now, I’m afraid we’ll get another troll cliffhanger at the end of 25…but this time, we have to wait for a new season. But that wouldn’t happen, right?

So let’s go over things. We have the admin key, which will likely be used to free Asuna when Kirito reaches the top (wonder if he’ll free her before fighting the Fairy King, though…let her vent some of that repressed anger). We also have Suguha, who needs some time to be depressed before rejoining Kirito for the final battle. Assuming the show follows the book this time (as opposed to skipping to the end again *cough*Heathcliff), we have some time before the advance team is prepared for the push for the World Tree, so Suguha’s got some time to recover. Sound good?

13 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 22”

  1. Wait I thought they were cousins and yet….Oh shit SAO goin all down south in this bitch lol.

    Anyway, it was decent episode Wonder where Kirito is gonna go from here. Only 3 more episodes in this arc.


  2. I don’t know why but I feel like this arc is going to end in tragedy for someone. I mean no matter the ending someone gets screwed.

    Asuna comes back and is rescued perfectly fine – Suguha is screwed

    Asuna doesn’t come back – Kirito and Asuna are screwed

    Something happens to Kirito (mind hack) – Asuna and Suguha are screwed

    Kirito chooses Sister-chan – Asuna screwed

    I feel like no matter what happens, it ends in tragedy for someone and that is the only way it can end for it to be a good ending because a happy ending would just be cliched and terrible.


    1. Pretty much…it’s what happened in the first season too. It would definitely fit. I’m of the opinion that Asuna will just come back, but they have to be pulled back in somehow.


  3. Considering the writing has been good so far, especially in terms of character development, I doubt the other will end this arc with a happy ending for all.


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