Robotics;Notes Episode 8

Man, here I was thinking something was finally gonna happen in this show. They get abducted and all that happens is a proposal was refused? That’s no fun. Also, Kai has to do all of those tasks for the second report and for the last one, he just fakes the number and succeeds? After how difficult the green button thing was? That was pretty anticlimactic.

Anyway, we learn about some secret organization, but still don’t know much about it. It’s clear from the “human experimenting” part of the report that they must have been behind the SS Anemone business…and are likely the ones watching Kai. I’m still under the impression that Akiho’s sister is being controlled by them, but I don’t have any idea what their work has to do with the giant robot. This show is pretty slow, isn’t it?

16 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Episode 8”

  1. i would like if they explain how the robot works really rather than their difficulty at trying to create it and their trouble but this is not so bad after all maybe later they would explain more about the gunvarell and after that is the battle between robotic club and organization of 300 without gunvarell they would lose mainly because organization have special force as shown in steins;gate those rounder have half the efficiency of a special force noted only “half”…

    as for the guess about those organization i am guessing they are just about behind everything mysterious natural disaster the sun and the strange weather and ss anemone was their experiment or research on something and as for what they want a giant robot well considering they are planning on reducing humanity number a giant robot would certainly be useful…as for the second note the point is not about the task what kai have to do but rather the note themself which is important so it shouldn’t matter if he cheat the flag don’t you think?


      1. hmm the use of giant robot is actually useful if you ask me but i am not sure if what i guess and how the organization work is the same though as we see in steins;gate these guy will do anything to get the the superior technology other people have so it might be it just in their nature to steal anything that can threaten their plan…

        or could you imagine america getting invaded by organization using an army of giant robot?might be not true but just a thought their plan is too achieve the reducing of human population after all so anything that might help will be taken even if it isn’t related to their master plan …

        on other note the picture just show how much you like nae there is a lot of other image you could use but choose her…


        1. if you say so…

          giant robots that are piloted are just not cost effective…

          there really weren’t that many good shots…but you guys can interpret how you like


          1. well that is my guess what about yours marthaurion? what is the organization got to do with the robotic club and the giant robot they doesn’t seem to have a reason to steal a giant robot but that is because we don’t know about their plan fully…

            give the robot the ability to fly and a gun and giant light saber so basically gundam imagine that attacking and for the cost we are talking about the organization that control most of the world and is made up of rich people cost is relatively no problem for them…

            well instead of interpreting why did you choose that shoot then?


          2. maybe it would be used to stop the organization plan maybe?6 kid fighting against an entire defense force of a secret organization is a sure win battle on the favour of the organization…


  2. Well, the green button test was only difficult because the idiot pushed it during a storm…. Otherwise it would be super-easy.


  3. Yea the build up was so dramatic in the last episode you thought something important was gonna happen.

    I have this feeling the show will just end up being collect the files, solve the mystery, create giant robot to destroy the sun xD


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