Sword Art Online Episode 21

Wait…it’s not gonna be something like “Suguha is heartbroken about her brother, so she turns to Kirito in game…but nope! He’s actually the same person!”, right? That’s a pretty high level of troll on her…it’s almost unfair. Anyway, Asuna’s escape seems to have failed…but she managed to find the other players that were trapped, finally answering that question for me.

Looks like she managed to swipe a key card too…can she use it to bypass the cage lock? I assume she plans on using it on the console in case there isn’t one next time she escapes. It makes no sense for Sugou to give his admins access to the cage. Then again, I can’t believe they wouldn’t notice. They capture her and at that moment, a key card goes missing? It’s not that hard to figure out, right?

What’s the point of Kirito’s outburst at the end of the episode? Is it just some dramatic way to end it? Because even the god mode character shouldn’t be able to break through the barrier just like that, right? I assume the next episode starts with him hitting the limit and falling all the way down. We’ve only got four episodes left…seems like enough time for him to gather everyone from all different races and make a push for the top. He’s a frontline from SAO, so it shouldn’t be a problem for him to rally everyone, I would think.

10 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 21”

  1. I agree that its a massive troll and the next episode will begin with him crashing down to earth being saved by Leefa.

    The next episode will probably spend by 1000x different ways to solo the world tree followed by frustration about not being able to reach the top and save Asuna where Leefa will console him in an effort to get into his pants.

    We may also see a little bit of Asuna heroics next episode but who knows.

    Episode will probably end with the arrival of the Sylphs and Catsith to aid Kirito.


      1. Lol well I heard that Alfheim Online is the weakest of all the SAO arcs so im hoping they animate the other arcs (havent read the other arcs). Given SAO’s popularity Im sure they will.


  2. I just got this sinking feeling Alfheim Online arc ends with Kirito and Asuna racing to the console with Asuna escaping via logout and Kirito being trapped by Oberon in the process and then getting mind wiped. Asuna would probably then team up with Leefa to rescue Kirito…god i hope this doesnt happen


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