Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 8

You know…if these two characters are supposed to act as competition for Haru and Shizuku, they’re not really doing a great job. Neither Shizuku nor Haru really notices them doing all that much…I guess there was a little bit of shock with Oshima, but it didn’t end up doing anything. Not really much point to have competition if they’re not a challenge, right?

Still trying to figure it out, Shizuku? Should be obvious by now…clearly you don’t watch enough anime. Tsk tsk…too much studying. I still don’t fully understand Haru and Yuzan’s business, but I figure it’ll come out eventually. I’m a bit curious about what the show builds to…obviously the two getting together, but will it be some grand gesture or will Shizuku just gradually get there?

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