Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 7

Sigh…while funny, Yuuko’s misinterpretations are nowhere near as good as Aoyama’s…I guess she’s just a kid, though. Now Aoyama’s busted, though…Yuuko figured out her feelings for Sorata. Good thing we have convenient train doors to stop her from fully revealing it…glad we paid extra for those. And oh dear lord…Misaki has a driver’s license. Everyone run!

Sorata’s still waiting on his game design results…are we ever gonna find out what kind of game it was? It’s not gonna be some boring fantasy RPG, right? Are these results supposed to be at the end of the series? What about the actual making of the game…not important? Well, if the results don’t show up next week, I’m just gonna assume that’s how they plan to end the series, which would mean he would pass…if they choose to use it sooner, there’s still the chance he fails and has to try again. It seems like the kind of show to have him succeed, though.

8 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 7”

  1. shiina:i think it’s about time *rub stomach*
    shiina:sorata you keep me up all night and you weren’t very good…
    shiina:he is my owner
    shiina:he is my first *point at sorata*
    shiina:we do not come in peace…
    this girl deserve an award…

    even if sorata fail he would just try again if he truly wish for success either way he is going to get it someday if he try again and again…


    1. shiina fail it is trial and error even for genius so maybe he will fail but it usually come with a come back even if sorata fail


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