Sword Art Online Episode 20

Kirito has the Yuld to get all the ladies…told you the character fit his farm style. Easily got that money. Anyway, a quick little detour for Kirito and Leafa. Now they have strong allies for the final fight (because it’s gonna happen). Glad Kirito didn’t say “because you’re like a sister” when Leafa asked why Yui was fine with her…that would have been lame. Though the response wasn’t all that much better haha.

Also, Kirito’s dual sword ability came back? Or did he just break the game and use two swords for a second? Why didn’t he do this earlier? He’s back on the path to becoming the chosen one again for Alfheim. He’s gotta get it back for good at some point, right?

Looks like Asuna finally got out. She’ll have at least a little time to roam around, it seems. Either she’ll be captured again and forced back or she’ll stay with everyone but be unable to fight (possibly because she’s been stripped of all abilities and items…possibly even the ability to hold items or gain abilities). But based on the title of next week’s episode, she’ll find Kirito and Leafa when they get to the base of the tree and tell them the evil plan.

16 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 20”

  1. Asuna makes a daring escape! Thats that shit I do like.

    Kirito retained all his SAO abilities including dual wield so no surprise there, what is surprising is that no one finds the skill uncommon or amazing signifying other people have it too.

    Starburst stream seems to be back tho

    My question is how will the next episode go. Kirito and leefa race to the world tree while Asuna ( who doesnt know how to fly) is stuck at the top? Judging from the op Asuna will get down the tree somehow, but what will their fated meeting bring them? I mean its not like Kirito can get Asuna out of the game.


    1. I thought the skill was missing for Kirito when he first arrived, though…why’d it come back?

      I’m assuming they meet at the base of the tree…that’s what it looks like in the opening


  2. Again I will say it. Dual Wield is a part of this game. Therefore, it did not comeback. Being able to use two swords is a possibility in this game thus no one was surprised unlike in SAO where it was a unique skill that only applied to a certain user.

    As for starbust stream, it is a preprogram moveset ie why kirito didnt use it on Heathcliff during their second fight (since he could easily counter it). Since its a preprogrammed moveset it transfers over.


    1. But wouldn’t it show up in skills if it’s already programmed into the game? Unless he just had a stronger version. And why didn’t he use it up to now?


      1. I should clarify. It is a preprogrammed moveset but it may not be called starburst stream in this game.Furthermore we know from SAO that attacks are activated by basically visualizing it so it wouldnt be listed in any category (SAO episode 1).


  3. kirito is quite something isn’t he making up the difference in weapon using pure skill dual wield is quite a useful ability combine with kirito speed it is capable of defeating someone like eugene easily though if eugene have normal weapon kirito wouldn’t be cornered really without it eugene is slightly below kirito in speed and skill but his strength is nothing to laugh about if kirito was hit critically without block or anything to disperse the damage kirito might lose a lot more than half of his health…

    and sprrigan is actually useful if you combine it with close quarter combat for solo player and a good support for team well at the very least sprrigan suit me i could use illusion to create a feint sneak attack dodge with ease using illusion and attack when they are in fear depending on who use it might qualify as the strongest race such as if kirito play it he can combine his magic with swordsmanship to create a mage-warrior hybrid…


    1. well i was speaking of the benefit of being a sprrigan they could become the strongest race if everyone knew how to become a hybrid like kirito combining illusion with even the middle class close quarter combat will allow them to defeat other race easily pity they are focus on illusion alone…


      1. though imagine if you got a team with each of it’s member capable of matching a general they would be difficult to stop prioritizing quality of each one rather than number…


        1. that’s the thing, though…a team of powerful solo characters can be easily beaten by a well-organized team of varied type players


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