Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 6

You know, Yoshino’s comment that he thought Mahiro didn’t care about anything is funny…because he seems to be more of that type than Mahiro is. He calmly or coldly does whatever it takes to survive or fulfill his plan, not even bothered by the fact that he is lying to Mahiro. Secret relationships with Mahiro’s sister and now pretending to be kidnapped and forming an alliance with the government. Still, when he was thinking Mahiro had found out about his secret relationship, it reminded me of a lot of my own experiences, where I tend to think people can notice things that they really don’t. Though we can’t be sure Mahiro didn’t notice, it’s the same situation.

Hakaze’s predicament is quite mysterious…she mentions the possibility that it’s actually her body, which I find odd…almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’m sticking with the sister theory for now…though I still haven’t given up on the idea that the sister might be alive…she’s too much of a focus. Anyway, next week, more memories of the past…if I had to guess, Aika lying to either Mahiro or Yoshino (probably Mahiro) about her first kiss?

8 thoughts on “Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 6”

  1. Hakaze needs more screentime and to be rexecued form the island. Her character and personality could really contribute more to the show.

    I still think its Aika fwiw. This series seems extremely straigtforward and one dimensional. Hopefully this means an amazing twist is coming


      1. Wouldn’t fit with the antagonists character + he basically confirmed she is alive when talking about rushing the ritual so yea the body is Aika. She was killed because she looked like the princess blah blah blah.


          1. Maybe the twist is that the princess is the evil one. Perhaps the perceived antagonist has a reason for wanting to revive the tree of exodus, perhaps to destroy some part of the logic that governs the world (such as the one that stops people from returning from the dead). Maybe this will cause of of the MC to switch sides, most likely the one that was of course dating Aika.

            Its fitting since he has already betrayed the guy once. What’s one more time. As for the antagonist’s reason, who knows.


          2. Well, they certainly suggested something like with that one line in the episode about Hakaze and the Tree of Genesis being more dangerous than Samon and the Tree of Exodus. But personally, I’d be very annoyed by something like that. I like this idea of maintaining the logic of the world, I guess. Shouldn’t be surprising because I believe everything has a logic behind it. Everything has a reason for happening.


  2. I’ll say my crazy speculation about this series and shock you a bit…

    What if Hakaze is talking with our heroes from a parallel universe and the “Hakaze” from that universe is dead indeed? 😀


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