Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 7

Haru noticed, right? He noticed that Shizuku wasn’t being honest, didn’t he? I suppose that was the encouragement he needed. He was able to control himself in the end…that’s a start, right? Wonder how long Shizuku is gonna keep this up…until the last few episodes, if I had to guess. I hope the woman that Haru stayed with in his childhood doesn’t become a hindrance, though it doesn’t look like anything like that will happen. No hints of trying to replace her with Shizuku or anything…I’m sure she reminds him a bit with the whole school-focus routine, but that’s usually fine.

Shy girl finally introduced herself to Haru as Oshima. Also, I’m curious about the cram school guy introduced this week…he doesn’t look it right now, but is he supposed to be the competition for Haru in the same way that Oshima seems to be competition for Shizuku? I personally dislike his character, but you never know with these things, I guess…

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