Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 6

And Mashiro Duty is back to Sorata. Aoyama getting sick was pretty obviously going to happen, but I honestly wasn’t expecting everyone to let her go to the performance anyway. I guess the right way to word is that I wasn’t expecting Mashiro to step in. I understand wanting to make the work you put into it mean something, and I’m probably one who would go out despite being sick, but probably not if I was falling over to reach the door.

To be honest, I guess I’ve never felt that “I want it” feeling that Mashiro and Aoyama have, so I guess I wouldn’t know how desperately they would want to go. I’m probably similar to Aoyama in my inability to rely on others, but I definitely lack the passion that would make it so self-destructive. So it looks like next week, Yuuko is coming…uhh…should I be scared? Sounds serious.

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