Sword Art Online Episode 19

I’m surprised Kirito was having so much trouble with that group of people. I know he can’t be all-powerful, but those mages took a lot out of him. The obvious reasoning would be that magic is overpowered as usual, dealing absurd amounts of burst damage like in most games, which is why his health went down so far and why they needed that three-tier defensive position. A more funny explanation is that there was no magic in Sword Art Online, so Kirito’s ability to resist magic in Alfheim Online is basically that of a new player’s.

But yeah…Kirito’s been interrupted by this business with the Salamanders. He’s gotta stop a war…or at least help the Sylphs in it. I find it funny that he manages to choose a race that has absolutely no participation in any of these “big events”. I’m sure the Spriggans are all people who sit in dungeons and farm all day long…with their racial bonuses and all. It makes sense, though…this way Kirito is fighting for the Sylphs despite not having any real obligation to help them.

Anyway, during this whole detour, will Asuna become involved? I’m still curious whether she gets out…now that I think about it, she may be able to escape the cage, but she’s still locked in the game, so she can’t truly be free. If anyone knows about Code Lyoko (an artifact from my childhood), it’s the same basic scenario.

17 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Episode 19”

  1. Its not quite the same as Code Lyoko, which actually was decent in terms of plot now that I look back. A bit generic in structure though.

    I am still trying to figure out why its necessary to keep Asuna locked in a cage. I mean if she cant logout whats the point? I think there something more to this.

    Possible reasons to lock her in a cage
    To prevent her from outing him – Seems like a pretty weak reason considering all the ways he could hide it as a head admin.
    To locate her – Since the guy’s a head admin it wouldn’t be hard?
    To control her – What power does she have in his world?
    Because he has a cage fetish – I have no answer to this one.


    1. Well, that was a long time ago…what are ya gonna do?

      She likely retained her abilities from SAO too, so allowing her to roam the world wouldn’t be good? I’m not sure if it’s so easy to keep her quiet out in the world. I assume there’s only so much he can do, time-wise.

      It brings back to me the question “where are the other test subjects?” If they’re roaming the world, then it makes no sense to keep Asuna locked up. But if they’re in some other server or client or something, then it’s possible he locks her up as a prize or something…just for his enjoyment/entertainment. I guess that’s pretty much your cage fetish theory.


      1. Well he said specifically that he transferred her and the other test subjects into this game server so they are here. It would not surprise me if they are locked away in Oberon’s castle.

        I disagree that Asuna retained her abilities from SAO. Remember yui said that the only exception to someone finding out about his SAO skill retention would be if an admin looked at them and since Oberon is the king admin im sure he removed them.

        Cage fetish theory is gaining popularity.


        1. I’m actually curious if anyone we know is in there…like the other supporting characters like Klein or Lizbeth or Silica…they’ve basically disappeared

          right…I forgot about that part



          1. Doubtful but possible that anyone else is in there. The SAO group seems pretty tight knit with Egil and Kirito knowing each other irl. If any of there other comrades were trapped and they figured out where Asuna was, they’d try to rescue them as well

            They were supporting characters so its not uncommon for them to disappear.


          2. But if they were subject to experiments, who knows where their mind is…

            I suppose so…they just didn’t get much time, though…and if they hadn’t done the extra stuff that everyone complained about before starting the story, we wouldn’t even have seen them


  2. hmm the thing about in here is that the magic is not overpowered you can dodge them it is the equivalent of a strong attack that lack the ability to hit well in here kirito tries to break the defensive front line using force in which it took time and a counter hit is created because he got pushed back by the shield say if it were just a bunch of mage using magic none of the attack would hit…what amazing is spriggan ability to transform into gleam eye copy (remember him?)the size is amazing the reach and the power is increase while kirito speed and reflex made up for what would make the beast slow not to mention fighting with illusion is hard …

    the next part would be kirito stopping a war between 2 race one kirito would take down the salamander leader and the day is save you know the usual…


    1. I dunno…those blasts looked a bit homing to me…….yeesh

      I’m surprised he had so much trouble breaking the defense…I figured he’d be too overpowered. I guess if you raise only your defense all the time…


    2. attack before they cast kirito should aim for their head instead of the frontline fighter using shield…well to solve this problem i demand a patch and a nerf of the spell…talking seriously kind of hard to dodge a homing attack i thought they were linear type aim and then if target not in a line you miss rather than target the enemy but even then kirito should be able to dodge them overpowered only to the normal kind considering if kirito attack didn’t got deflected and he was pushed back he could dodge it and the counter attack…

      well it was 3 people at a time not to mention if he take too long the mage user at the back would fire “fire” at him to break it he need to have incredible power to break the defense by force in one attack in which he didn’t have so he is basically sitting duck for the mage…wrong tactic in the first place..


      1. I suppose if he can only use it once >.> I dunno…

        Still, it’s not like their shields add to each other, right? One’s gotta break..


    3. hmm well it doesn’t add up to each other but the force is countered with 3 person rather than one so to break that one must be super strong and force them back all together hard to do not to mention the defense method remind of heathcliff defense in which the attack got diverted rather than countered with stronger force…

      uh not sure what you mean by using it only once…


  3. Agreed, I think it’s about time for Asuna to wake up if she wants to have any kind of role in this second part of the story. While I’m not that unhappy as I have tons of Suguha action…:D


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