Sword Art Online Episode 18

Ahhh…you were so close Suguha! Just open the door! I’ll be upset if there’s one of those awkward conversations between the two where one of them goes “you remind me of my brother/sister” and the other responds with “what’s he/she like?” That would just depress me.

Anyway, so the “beater” of Alfheim is the renegade…kind of stupid, really (though understandably something people might think). Personally, I would pick a race in game for its benefits…so I guess it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to assume many others of the same race would have similar interests as I do. But doesn’t that mean I’m competing with them?

More importantly, Asuna found the code to the door…much earlier than I expected. Does this mean she gets to escape and join Kirito now? The opening seems to suggest she stays locked up…so maybe she gets caught? But that would be too depressing. Personally, if I were trying to troll the viewers, I would make it so that the guy changes the code every time, but that’s just cruel, right? I guess she gets out long enough just to talk with Kirito and reassure him…that’s the most logical thing I see happening. I would hope that sort of thing happens soon, but I guess Kirito and Suguha have to deal with these reds chasing them next week…

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