Robotics;Notes Episode 4

Get it right! It’s headdesk, not facedesk!
Of course Kai has the Elephant-Mouse Syndrome too…that was just too easy. Finally they clarified Akiho’s though by comparing it to Kai’s…he sees things moving in slow motion and she sees things moving quickly, so his reactions would seem quicker while hers would seems slower (yeah, I agree that her manifestation is much more dangerous, for example being incapable of dodging an incoming car).

We’re also introduced to the new character, Furugoori Kona, creator of Kill-Ballad who will be the resident internet otaku, it seems. I’ll wait to interpret her character, because I don’t know how I should interpret her localized fansubbing (sigh…can’t tell if troll or legit).

Back to Kai, I remember pointing out that he was being studied by Akiho’s sister and her boss during the robot battle. Is it possible that Kai and Akiho passing out on the ship was an experiment of sorts and they were the only “successful” results? Anyway, there’s a short introduction as well to the “issue” they’re encounter with Subaru…the fact that his family doesn’t approve of his interest in robots…something for further down the road. Finally, the episode ends with the arrival of who I assume is the mysterious girl from the end of episode 1, who is contacting Kai now. Guess it’s time for things to get serious.

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